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 Fathers Prevent Child Abuse Easter Weekend


Los Angeles, CA.  "Fathers Against Child Abuse & Neglect + Sex Trafficking" have arranged to meet and discuss major solutions as related to child maltreatment during the upcoming community event on April 19, 2014 in observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Multiple fatherhood, mentoring, community and faith-based organizations will join hostConcerned Black Men of Los Angeles (CBMLA) and presenter, Street Positive, in an afternoon of real talk on one of America's most preventable crimes.  Child abuse and neglect. 


Scheduled during Easter weekend, the organizers have asked "WWJD when it comes to outreaching to prevent crimes against children?"  Also, enjoy men and artists as they perform live to deliver powerful testimony and engage in dialogue about abuse and prevention.


Mark your calendar as "Fathers Against Child Abuse & Neglect + Sex Trafficking" get ready to street grind in protecting our youth.  You do not want to miss this move by fathers to protect children!  WWJD?


Limited exhibitor space available  Call: (909) 880-9427.


CBMLA Fundraiser For Prevention And Change


Los Angeles, CA.  Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles (CBMLA) is making key moves to help guide a generation of African American youth to the positive. 


During April National Child Abuse Prevention Month, proceeds from"A Fragile Child's Cry" will be donated to assist their efforts in mentoring and child safety. 


Pledge today.  Promote literacy and child abuse prevention by ordering your copy of "A Fragile Child's Cry."  Help CBMLAreach its goal of 1000 copies during this Prevention Pledge Drive.  Order Now!






Concerned Black Men National: Los Angeles Satellite Office

3756 Santa Rosalia Dr., Suite 307A

Los Angeles, California, 90008





The Los Angeles Chapter of CBM (CBMLA) mentors youth in the Greater Los Angeles Area, conducting youth life skills workshops and hosting group mentoring sessions for young black males ages 11 to 19. CBMLA instructions and mentoring activities stress the importance of education, self mastery and personal achievement. Mentoring is conducted through the volunteer services of adult black male role models. CBMLA strives to motivate and encourage young black males to finish high school and attend college (or vocational trade schools) to improve their chances of having rewarding careers and successful family lives.


Why Do You Want To Become A Youth Mentor, Volunteer or Financially Support CBMLA?


You want to:

  • Make a positive impact upon the lives of youth.
  • Build youth self-esteem, confidence & excellence.
  • Reverse the tide of black-on-black violence.
  • Promote positive black male image.
  • Advance community awareness & social responsibility.
  • Support volunteerism and civic engagement in local communities.